It’s been one whirlwind year since Proper launched! Building a new company is non-trivial in any year, but doing it while pioneering an entirely new approach to better sleep—and in years like 2020-2021—well, that’s another story entirely. As we reflect on the past 365 days of Proper sleep, we want to first thank you for entrusting us with the critical, nightly responsibility of helping you get better sleep—something that everyone deserves. We also want to take this time to celebrate how far we’ve come...and where we’re going from here.

Because when it comes to the pursuit of Proper sleep, we’re just getting started.

Over the past 365 days, we’ve...

Our seven unique, PhD-developed formulations and high-quality ingredients are effective, natural, and safe. Knowing that everyone’s biochemistries are different, we developed this robust lineup to better address underlying root causes and offer additional targeted benefits.

We went beyond melatonin and sugar—the primary offering in the sleep market—and designed our formulations to respond differently depending on what stage of sleep you’re in for support throughout the entire night. The result? Not just more sleep, but deeper, better quality sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and well-rested, not groggy. Our products were formulated to be a part of your nightly routine for better sleep health—a lifestyle change and commitment versus one-off “emergency” use akin to traditional over-the-counter or prescription medication.

Not only are the ingredients that we use clinically-backed, but the dosages are too (formulated into the smallest possible form factor of two capsules per night). Our foundational formulation is comprised of Venetron® (rafuma leaf extract), Sensoril® Ashwagandha, GABA, and Valerian Root. Three of our products have additional targeted benefits and ingredients to ease stress, promote clarity, and boost immunity. Two contain melatonin (both standard and MicroActive® extended-release), and two offer the inclusion of 25mg broad spectrum hemp extract (no THC) to help those who may suffer from additional stress and anxiety that they believe are impacting their sleep.

They include standardized botanicals for purity and efficacy and are produced here in the U.S. in an FDA-approved CGMP facility. They are 3rd-party tested for purity, 100% traceable to the source, vegan, non-GMO, allergen free, and contain no added sugars or artificial colors.

While our natural supplements are a huge help, we know that to help Americans achieve better long-term sleep health, people need more. Between Google and the sleep clinic, people simply didn’t have access to expert support for the right behavior change. We aim to deliver exactly that in order to help people solve root cause issues.

Our sleep coaching program combines expertise in behavioral change (in the form of board-certified health and wellness coaches) with the best of behavioral sleep science (with a proprietary curriculum co-developed by Allison Siebern, PhD, CBSM). Dr. Siebern is a leading behavioral sleep medicine expert who helped create an insomnia treatment program for the VHA, serves as Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the Stanford Sleep Center, and is currently leading the Sleep Health Program and Lab at the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville, NC.

Coaches receive 30+ hours of education (compared to two hours most physicians get in medical school) on the latest research in sleep medicine and related fields (e.g., menopause, pain, nutrition), making them experts in both behavior change AND sleep.

Over the past year, 1500+ poor sleepers were assessed via 30-minute 1:1 Zoom consultations with their sleep coach, after which they received a personalized sleep action plan along with ongoing education and digital tools to measure progress and help them make a habit of better sleep.

We’ve received incredible feedback on the coaching program to date.

  • 93% feel it was relevant and personalized
  • 94% believe their sleep action plan is truly actionable
  • 92% would recommend Proper sleep coaching to their friends and family

You’ll often hear us say that sleep isn’t one-size-fits-all, precisely because everyone’s needs, environment, stressors, and biochemistries are unique. It’s for this reason that being more personalized and targeted—from supplement development to coaching—is so important. With the recent introduction of digital, interactive tools for Discovery Pack subscribers, we’ve taken this up a notch (with much more in the works, so stay tuned!).

Subscribers are guided through the process of finding the best supplement for them with digital tools that assess both the quality and quantity of their sleep. They begin by completing a baseline assessment, followed by subsequent weekly assessments to evaluate the impact of each supplement. At the end of the experience, they’re equipped with real data to help them determine their best-fit formulation.

If we were serious about doing our part to help Americans get restful, restorative sleep, we knew that Proper couldn’t just be online. That’s why we offer two supplements (Core Sleep and Sleep + Calm) in over 900 CVS HealthHUB™ locations nationwide. The result? Easy and convenient access to better quality sleep just a short car ride away.

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When we combined supplements (both online and in-stores) with coaching and innovative digital tools, the result was 1.5 million nights of better sleep over the past year for customers across the nation. And while the idea of improving that many nights is fulfilling enough, what has truly driven us—and continues to drive us—is the fact that better sleep isn’t just about your nights; it’s about your days, too. It’s about being able to make that morning workout or have breakfast with the kids. It’s about feeling present and energized in the office so you can do your best work. It’s about achieving overall better health that’ll serve you tomorrow and the day after that and in the years to come.

When it comes to better sleep, we’re just getting started. Our team continues to tirelessly research new ingredients and formulations with different mechanisms of action to help everyone get better sleep. Our digital tools, data, AI, and technology will make smarter insights and recommendations for better sleep easily available in the palm of your hand.

Despite the effectiveness of our supplements—both with and without melatonin, with and without CBD—some will find they simply don’t work for them due to their unique situation or biochemistry. We’re on it, researching and formulating new natural supplements that may help address that. Of course, we are continually strengthening our tools, insights, and coaching program so you can benefit from a personalized, guided journey to long-term sleep health.

We never settle for the status quo and will expand our portfolio of personalized, evidence-backed solutions so we’re the trusted brand you can come to for years to come.