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Evidence-backed perspectives on the science of sleep to help you live well day in and day out.

hemp leaf | broad spectrum hemp extract benefits | Proper Broad Spectrum CBD: What Is It + What Are Its Benefits

What broad spectrum hemp extract is, how it compares to other forms of CBD, benefits, and more.

By David Casarett, MD, MA

Woman stressed out in bed | stress and sleep | Proper How Stress Affects Your Sleep

Discover how exactly stress impacts sleep quality, in addition to tips, strategies, and solutions to help you manage it.

By Allison Siebern, PhD, CBSM

Proper bottle | 2 capsules spilling out Meet Proper's Peppermint Pack

Everything you need to know about the pleasantly minty scent coming from your bottle.

By Sumish Khadka, VP Supply Chain

Foods that help you sleep | Coffee in bed | Proper The 15 Best + Worst Foods For Your Sleep

What to eat and what to avoid in order to get a good night's sleep.

By Alice D. Hirschel, PhD & Allison Siebern, PhD, CBSM

capsules spilling out of bottle | do natural sleep supplements work | Proper Do Natural Sleep Supplements Work? Our Formulation Scientist Weighs In.

Discover the art + science of a *natural* good night’s sleep.

By Alice D. Hirschel, PhD

Proper's Commitment | Sleep supplements | Digital CoachingProper's Commitment To You

A few words from CEO + Co-Founder Nancy Ramamurthi.

By Nancy Ramamurthi