Science has always been at the heart of everything we do at Proper. Our team tirelessly researches and investigates the best ingredients for better sleep based on the latest evidence surrounding natural products, but we don’t stop there. We also obsess over cutting-edge behavioral sleep science, integrative health, clinical psychology, and nutritional biochemistry—essentially anything that could directly or indirectly impact sleep. That is what informs every single decision we make.

So when we tell you that Proper works, it’s in keeping with our science-forward ethos that we back it up with third-party data.

When researching and sourcing ingredients, our PhD-led formulations team followed a strict set of core principles to ensure the supplements were:

  • Effective: with clinically proven ingredient dosages + higher bioactives
  • Minimal: without gluten, dairy, sugar, allergens, or artificial colors/binders
  • High-quality: with unique, natural ingredients backed by clinical evidence in human trials
  • Standardized: to guarantee consistent potency, purity, + efficacy

Evidence-backed ingredients + dosages

Our supplements are formulated with natural botanicals that have been clinically studied (in humans) and proven to support sleep. But...and this is important...we also make sure to include the ingredients at the dosage levels that have been proven effective in order to maximize the benefits of each supplement.

Support throughout the entire night

Our supplements were specially designed with ingredients that respond differently depending on what stage of sleep you’re in, whether it’s REM (active sleep) or non-REM (quiet sleep), for support throughout the entire night.

Synergistic relationship between ingredients

Because of certain mechanisms of action, the combination select ingredients leads to a more significant benefit in increasing overall sleep time and decreasing awake time. We took the science behind these synergistic relationships into account when deciding which ingredients to include in each formulation.

Ingredient benefits building over time

Our products were formulated to fit into a nightly routine for better sleep health—a lifestyle change and commitment versus one-off “band-aid” use. That’s why we strategically chose ingredients whose benefits build over time.

Read more about the clinical studies + data behind Proper’s raw materials >>

Once the supplements were developed with evidence-backed ingredients, we then set out to determine the efficacy of the blends with respect to improved sleep quality.

The study, which was developed in partnership with Eileen Leary, PhD, RPSGT, included 29 adults (both male and female) between the ages of 29 and 54. All experienced sleep difficulties as measured by the Insomnia Severity Index.

The goal of the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of Proper in adults with issues either initiating or maintaining sleep.

Results showed that those taking Proper experienced significant improvement in sleep quality, total sleep time, efficiency, daytime energy, concentration, and satisfaction with sleep compared to the placebo group.

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We surveyed 100 real Proper customers, selected at random, in order to understand what real-world customer data can tell us about sleep improvements based on the amount of time taking Proper and the number of formulations evaluated. Here’s what we learned.

More people see improvements with the longer use of Proper

Including overall sleep score and daytime metrics (feeling refreshed, morning grogginess, daytime energy levels, feeling irritable, etc.)

Sleep improved based on the number of formulations evaluated

With those who evaluated four or more experiencing a 97% sleep improvement, versus 68% when just evaluating one.

Read more about the customer data behind our formulations >>

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