It's been seven whirlwind months since Proper launched. Building a new company is non-trivial in any year, but doing it while pioneering an entirely new approach to better sleep health—and in a year like 2020—well, that truly tested us.

As we look ahead to all we want to accomplish in 2021, we want to first thank you for entrusting us with the critical, nightly responsibility of helping you get better sleep. Below, I've outlined three fundamental principles underlying the commitment Proper has to all of you.

As a customer recently told us, "You have developed a life-changing product...I am more awake and have energy for my two boys. Thank you." This kind of everyday impact is what we live for...helping you get the absolute most out of every beautiful day.

Cheers to a better, healthier, and less stressful 2021!

We are committed to:

  1. Natural, healthy solutions that help you achieve better sleep and, therefore, better health and happiness
    When you repair the fundamentals of great sleep at night, you can be the best version of yourself during the day. Great sleep is about addressing the mind and body with the right behaviors, as well as with natural, effective, and evidence-based sleep supplements suited for your unique needs.

  2. Bringing the best of science, data, and technology together for a more effective, holistic, and personalized solution
    We work closely with a Scientific & Medical Advisory Council comprised of leading MDs and PhDs in sleep medicine, integrative health, clinical psychology, and nutritional biochemistry. With their rigorous support, we've developed a line of safe and effective natural supplements containing clinically-studied ingredients at dosage levels proven to promote better sleep. We also turned to science when developing our proprietary digital sleep coaching program based on the best of behavioral sleep medicine.

  3. Constant evolution and innovation
    We keep it humble and stay hungry to always do better. We are unafraid to pursue what's right (and likely harder to accomplish) versus what's comfortable and easy. To put it simply, Proper is continually pioneering newer, more personalized, and holistic solutions to help YOU get better sleep.