As a new kind of sleep wellness company grounded in science, we turned to the latest clinical trials and evidence when developing our supplements — from the raw ingredients (and dosages) used to the formulation blends themselves.

But we'd be remiss if we didn't also focus on the real-world evidence gathered from you, our customers. It's this data that helps us understand how Proper's dual, supplements-plus-coaching solution impacts your everyday life.

Because while the idea of improving nights is fulfilling, what truly drives us is the fact that better sleep isn’t just about your nights; it’s about your days, too. It’s about being able to make that morning workout or have breakfast with your kids. It’s about feeling present and energized in the office or at school so you can do your best work. That’s what we were interested in, which real-world results were going to tell us.

In order to gather the data, we surveyed 100 real Proper customers, selected at random.

Here’s what we found.

...including overall sleep score and daytime metrics (feeling refreshed, morning grogginess, daytime energy level, feeling irritable).

...with those who evaluated four or more experiencing a 97% sleep improvement versus 68% when just evaluating one.

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