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Partner with an expert sleep coach to build evidence-backed, sustainable behavioral habits.
"Learning to sleep is like learning to lose weight. You have to learn about the science and about yourself. My coach is the best teacher." - Richard, a Proper Sleeper
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of customers felt sleep coaching was relevant + personalized

“She emphasized the why for ME rather than simply providing facts.” — Lauren, 45


of customers felt their sleep action plan was actionable

“the sleep coach didn't try to change everything at once and had small digestible changes that could be scaled up as we moved forward.” — David, 38


would recommend Proper sleep coaching

“Knowledgeable, personable, informative, and compassionate. I could not have been more impressed.” — Kimberly, 64

Address your unique sleep needs, together.

Our board-certified coaches are educated in our PhD-developed curriculum and receive 30+ hours every year of ongoing sleep education.

Kelly O.

Board Certified in Health & Wellness; Educated at Duke Integrative Medicine. Specializes in supporting:

  • A functional or integrative lifestyle approach to sleep wellness
  • Persons with chronic health concerns
  • Professionals seeking work/life balance + improved mental performance
  • Athletes and active individuals looking to maximize training
“Quality sleep is a foundational component of resilience. I look forward to collaborating on a plan to support your ideal outcome.”

Dana B.

Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with 10+ years of behavioral change experience. Specializes in supporting:

  • Reducing rumination, anxiety and racing thoughts
  • Helping busy working professionals make simple yet impactful changes
  • Incorporating self-care and mindfulness into your routine for better balance
"I believe sleep is often the missing link in successfully meeting personal and professional goals. I help you identify steps to get you feeling like your best self.”

Lauren H.

Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach; Specializes in supporting:

  • Type A folks struggling to shut their minds off at bed time
  • Optimizers wanting to continue to improve their health
  • Social types struggling with routine
  • Teens and young adults learning the importance of self care
"I understand the difference between a good day and a bad one is the night before. Quality of sleep allows us to enjoy our life to the fullest, experience a healthy body and mind, and heal from the inside out.”

How it works

1 Complete a brief intake form

to help your coach understand your unique sleep problems + goals

2 Select your sleep coach

Based off how well their areas of expertise match with your sleep needs

3 Make a habit of better sleep

With a custom plan, personalized education, + digital tools to measure progress

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Sleep Tune-Up

Ideal for those looking for an evidence-backed plan that gets them sleeping better, faster.


One live 1:1 session

Meet with your sleep coach 1:1 over video


A personal sleep action plan

A custom set of achievable steps that will get you sleeping better - based on science.


Sleep journal only

4-week access to Proper's daily sleep journal. See your progress + get a deeper understanding of your sleep and behavior patterns.


Sleep Reset

Ideal for those looking for support in building sustainable behavioral habits for better sleep + overall health.


Three live, 1:1 sessions

Meet with your sleep coach for 3 live video sessions over a 6-week period.


A personal sleep action plan

A set of achievable steps that fit with your lifestyle and will get you sleeping better - based on science.


Sleep journal + coach insights

6-week access to Proper's daily sleep journal to see your progress + get weekly, data-driven guidance from your coach.


Unlimited messaging

Text/email your sleep coach between sessions to ask questions, stay on track, and celebrate progress.

current price For less than $29.50 per week


Real Sleep Expertise

Proper's sleep coaches are:

  • Board-certified by the National Board For Health And Wellness Coaching
  • Educated in our proprietary curriculum by a leader in behavioral sleep medicine, Dr. Allison Siebern, PhD, CBSM
  • Continuous learners - receiving 30+ hours per year in education on the latest research in sleep medicine

Meet our Head Sleep Science Advisor, Dr. Allison Siebern, PhD, CBSM

The evidence is clear. Behavioral coaching works.

What to expect from sleep coaching.

Who is sleep coaching for?

Sleep coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their sleep (and health!) with the personalized guidance and support of an expert trained in behavioral patterns and strategies for change.

What makes Proper sleep coaches experts?

Our coaches are all board-certified health & wellness coaches and experts in guiding people to make positive and lasting change. Every coach is also educated in Proper’s proprietary sleep curriculum by Dr. Allison Siebern, PhD, CBSM, who has been a leader in the field of sleep for over 15 years. Plus, our coaches receive 30+ hours of intensive ongoing sleep education per year.

Am I just going to hear the tips that I’ve heard already?

Sounds like you’ve been doing your research! While “cookie-cutter tips” do have some merit, your coach will help you identify what behaviors impact your sleep based on the science and go deeper into implementing behavior change that promotes better sleep and works with your lifestyle.

Partner with a Proper board-certified coach to make better sleep happen.